Young Catholics from East Pokot sign the Catholic Climate Petition

September 1, 2015

The Pokot live in Baringo County, East Pokot and West Pokot in Kenya, and they recently had the chance to join GCCM by signing the Catholic Climate Petition.

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They speak a language called ‘Pokot’ which has some links with the French, and live in two distinct places:

1. The Collines Pokot  live in the humid highlands in the west and in the Pokot region of Central and South is both farmers and pastoralists.

2. The Plains Pokot live in the dry plains and infertile, they are breeding cows, goats and sheep. In this region of the plains, agriculture is almost non-existent because the land is parched. Livestock is a way of life and the main source of income for Pokot because they are illiterate majorities, which hampers the development of this region.

The new Campaign Coordinator of the Global Catholic Climate Movement in Africa and France, Leila Butoyi, had the opportunity to visit the region Plains Pokot commonly called ” EAST Pokot, with the help of the team Diocese of Nakuru.

Creativity and collaboration to sign the Catholic Climate Petition!

Creativity and collaboration to sign the Catholic Climate Petition!

With its harsh climate, its location on Climate plan is critical. Drought seriously affects the population drought reduces the yield of the land, complicates water supply and causes famine in that locality. Children and the elderly suffer the most from malnutrition due to lack of balanced diet.

Although EAST Pokot is a region affected by Climate Change and remote where the internet, social networks and libraries are rare pearls, guided and supported by GCCM, and the priests Kositei Barpello and Fred Elima supported the collection of signatures of Catholic Climate Petition and young Catholics of these parishes have also participated. Participating in this collection has been a great experience for these young Christians full of Catholic Faith and love for Creation.




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