“Youth speak hope” says Pope Francis, ahead of his first WYD day meeting with bishops

July 28, 2016

One of the first things Pope Francis did when he arrived in Poland was meet with bishops.  He discussed the worshiping of money, which is countered with “a spirit of solidarity” and “a concrete commitment to mercy and the practice of mercy in today’s world”. About refugees, he also highlighted the complexity of the reasons that drive people to leave their homelands behind.”Dechristianisation” was among the topics discussed and the Pope spoke once again about closeness, about performing acts of mercy, about care and zeal”, according to his spokesperson.

As he journeyed to Krakow for WYD, Pope Francis told reporters, “Youth always speaks hope to us. We hope young people will tell us something that is a bit more than hope at this time.”

In recent movements, such as that for Bernie Sanders and system change in the US, 75% of millennials backed such change. Youth are stepping up to the plate elsewhere too, sharing their opinion that the current system and direction is not acceptable to them and that a different way is possible.  They share the good news, with this hope!

In late September, the Vatican will have a conference evaluating how Laudato Si’ has been received.  The reception by youth and by bishops will be part of the program.


Pope Francis meets bishops in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland, Wednesday